Carla & Roger – 28 September 2012 – Bell Recó

Hi guys!


We had not had the opportunity to thank you for the work done 28 September to Bell Reco in our wedding and we take this to do. Thanks Charles for all the dedication / attention that sticks to, and in general the whole team for the good work done. We were very happy with how everything was. Especially, We received very good feedback from people about all the details and overall presentation.


Yesterday we already fetching photo albums apart and we went through all the photos that made. There are quite a few of your details, such plans in general and in specific plans. If you want to have some to show potential customers, etc., we just have to say and you could spend the day or we go and select.


Merry part of Carla and Roger to the team of Phlox.



Carla i Roger